Erin is a capital markets expert with over two decades of hands-on experience in corporate finance. Her focus is providing strategic advice to CEOs and senior leadership teams in growth-focused public and private companies that wish to shift away from entrepreneur and sub-market capital and into senior private or public equity. In 2019, Erin was appointed Partner at Raiven Capital’s Silicon Valley-Canada Cross Border Fund, a role in which she connects Raiven’s technology fund with compelling investments.

Erin has particular expertise in projects requiring complex financing solutions, including off-take and multi-lateral government banking group investments. She has developed key relationships with global technology stakeholders including manufacturing and financial groups, and from 2010 to 2015, she led a multi-national and multi-disciplinary team to finance and develop a major cobalt mine in Russia. In 2011, Erin was recognized by Business in Vancouver’s “40 under 40 Award” for her outstanding accomplishments as a young CEO.

Active in Canadian politics since her youth, Erin has managed and advised campaigns and leadership races at all levels of government. She has served on the staff of federal and provincial cabinet ministers and political leaders, including the BC’s Leader of the Opposition the Canada’s Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs and Minister of National Defence.

Erin splits her time between Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, BC. She is Chair of the Canada-Eurasia Russia Business Association.

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