Investing in the Future of Networking

Turnium Technology Group Inc. (TTGI) invests in and acquires companies that build next-generation internet and networking technology—specifically software-defined networking.

Connect Everything, Anywhere

Turnium Technology Group Inc. (TTGI) believes in the transformational power of the internet and cloud computing. Turnium SD-WAN seamlessly connects customers to the things that matter—people, data, devices, and applications—anywhere the internet or data networks can reach. Through our cloud-native, containerized, Wholesale, white-label SD-WAN software platform and our hosted, Managed SD-WAN service, we deliver the best value product and service on the market.

It’s All About SD-WAN

TTGI’s Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) platform is what makes us truly special. It enables us to create and deliver virtual private, routable networks that bring everything on-net for secure communications.

Our platform virtualizes networks and is deployed on top of existing wired or wireless circuits from multiple vendors for built-in business continuity and flexibility.

We give every business access to the secure multi-site networks they need to transform their businesses, boost productivity, improve customer and employee satisfaction—all in a cost-effective way.

Our Technology Differentiators

Multiple cloud applications can be deployed and scaled quickly and securely.
Robust connections to offices, branches, field sites. Mobile field staff provide performance-managed bandwidth that keeps people productive and happy.
Prioritized traffic ensures voice and video applications perform as required.
Same-IP-failover ensures sessions remain available—even if circuits in the SD-WAN tunnel are automatically removed for performance reasons or flapping.
End-to-end visibility gives business, enterprise, IT teams, cloud, managed, and internet service providers the ability to manage networks and customer expectations.
Simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage software-driven networking reduces the time to deploy and support networks. The platform automates network programming, increasing efficiency, reducing time and errors, and increasing flexibility.

Partnering With the Best in the Business

We work with top technology partners including Red Hat, Replify, and Watchguard to deliver superior solutions that integrate easily with any technology stack.

Interested in Joining the Network Revolution?

Our growth is fueled by our talented employees. Join our diverse community and play a part in delivering the networks of the future.

Turnium Technology Group Inc. invests in companies that are creating software-defined networks for competitive service providers, enterprises, and small-medium businesses.

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