Our Mission: Connect Everything, Anywhere

Turnium Technology Group Inc. was established in 2009 around a shared mission to transform the telecommunications industry and connect everything, anywhere.

Managed by technology executives with over 100 years of combined investment experience in IT, telecom, software, and technology, Turnium Technology Group Inc. believes in the transformational power of the internet and cloud computing and champions the power of technology to solve business problems for business of all sizes across the globe.

Today, we invest in and operate SD-WAN companies that build solutions to connect all the things that matter—people, data, devices, and applications—anywhere the internet or data networks can reach.

Where It All Began

Turnium Technology Group Inc. began by solving a networking problem for an engineering firm with over 20 locations across Western Canada. What started out as an innovation that bonded multiple ADSL circuits evolved into a full platform that delivers the best virtual multi-site secure networking platform on the market.

“SD-WAN continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of the network infrastructure market, driven by a variety of factors. First, traditional enterprise WANs are increasingly not meeting the needs of today’s modern digital businesses, especially as it relates to supporting SaaS apps and multi- and hybrid-cloud usage. Second, enterprises are interested in easier management of multiple connection types across their WAN to improve application performance and end-user experience.”

– Rohit Mehra, VP, Network Infrastructure, IDC

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect everything, anywhere. This is how we do it:

White-Label and Branded SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solutions provide the best-value technology and business models. Our branded managed SD-WAN solution can be re-sold by IT resellers or purchased by small and mid-size business. Midsize and Large Service Providers can license, host, white-label and sell our OEM SD-WAN software platform to their customers as part of their product and service portfolio.

Platform Approach

We take a platform approach to our SD-WAN, creating a core software platform that can be bundled with other hosted and managed services. Our SD-WAN platform enables us to create and deliver virtual, private, routable networks that bring everything on-net for secure communications. Our platform automates network programming, increasing efficiency, reducing time and errors, and increasing flexibility.

Cost-Effective Business Transformation

Our goal is to give every business access to affordable and secure multi-site networks to drive digital business transformation, increase so they can transform their businesses, drive productivity, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. Secure, cost-effective multi-site networks are core to participating in the Internet economy, regardless of business location. We want to deliver advanced technology to every business, anywhere!

Do you have what it takes for a career at Turnium?

Turnium Technology Group Inc. invests in companies that are creating software-defined networks for competitive service providers, enterprises, and small-medium business.

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