In Generational Jump: Transitioning from Traditional to SD-WAN, Geoff Hultin examines how SD-WAN addresses the evolving needs of the digital world. Geoff has decades of experience in the internet and telecom industries and currently serves as the CRO of Turnium.

The internet isn’t just data centers, servers and routers — it’s greater than the sum of its parts
The shift to online living accelerated rapidly in 2020, demonstrated how connectivity affects the way we communicate, work, shop and live. And there’s no going back now.

Traditional telecom networks weren’t built to provide the flexible, secure connections we need today. Using SD-WAN, networking solutions providers can offer what telcos can’t. SD-WAN lets companies use multiple connections to connect multiple sites, without the hefty price tags and restrictions associated with traditional solutions.

The right SD-WAN vendor will work to understand your business needs and develop a solution tailored to meet them — whether you’re connecting sites across the city or on opposite sides of the globe. The beauty of SD-WAN is that it’s made to give you options. With COVID demanding new solutions to existing interactions, SD-WAN offers the tools to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

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